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Mobile Dog Washing & Pet Grooming, Holiday & Pet Vacation Care or Drop-in service for Boarding and Pet Day Care for Travelers Eurobodalla Region

Vacation and Holiday Care Drop In Pet Service

                                      ***TAKING BOOKINGS FROM NOVEMBER 2014***


Servicing areas:

Batemans Bay / Moruya / Bodalla / Narooma  

Tilba Tilba/ Bega and coastal areas 


"Going Away" Unwell and off your feet? Running out of time!

Your A "Rep" and out of town been held up?

Need someone's help?

The options below are

Vacation and Holiday Pet Care Drop in service

Our Team service Dogs / Cats / Birds / Reptiles / Fish / Horses / Rabbits / Rodents / Guinea Pigs / Goats / Chooks ect




Please note:

No Dog Walking included in this service price, only drop in service quoted dog walking an additional price.


Week Days: Monday - Friday

Feed x 1 Per day: (2nd drop in service per day an additional cost)

            *  30 minute Drop-in Service

            *  Water Refreshed:

            *  Bedding checked or changed if wet or soiled:

            *  During a 1/2 hour pat, groom and play with toy in back yard with Health Check is included.

            *  Droppings picked up:

            >   Extra charge for 2nd or more dogs:


Weekends: Saturday - Sunday 

            >  1 day only x 30 min per drop-in

            >  Saturday and Sundays and Public holidays may include a extra charge: (Peek and Non Peek Period)

            >  May need a 2 x House Drop In service during same day: Extra charge included:

Pension and Gold Card Holders have discounted prices:


Week Days: Monday - Friday 

            *  30 Minutes Drop-in Service

            *   Feed x 1 Per day; (2nd drop in service per day an additional cost.)

            *   Water refreshed:

            *   Bedding checked or changed if wet or soiled:

            *   Litter Changed:

         *   Duration of 1/2 hour also includes pat / Groomed and a play with their favorite toy or visual health check:

Weekends: Saturday - Sunday  

         >  1 Day only x 30 min per week:

         >  Saturday and Sundays and Public Holidays may include a extra charge: (Peek or Non Peek Period)

         >  May need a 2 x House Drop in service during same day: Extra charge included:

Pension and Gold Card Holders have discounted prices:



       *  Cage uncovered / Covered twice per day:

       *  Freshen or top up feed per day:

       *  Refresh Water each day:

       *  Refresh and clean inside bottom of cage: (depending on size of cage if cleaned on daily basis:

       *  Including a 1/2 hour Chat, Whistle and some TLC and visual health check:

       *  Prices covers up  to 2 indoor average sized indoor cages for small- medium birds only eg: Budgie / Lorikeet:

       >  One day only x 30 min per week x 2 cages of birds:

       >  Every 3 Day x 30 min working week booking, x 2 cages of birds::

       > May need extra daily drop in: 2 x House Drop in Service extra charge may incur:

           Please Note: Additional Cages or larger cages or outdoor aviaries and bird enclosures

                      extra charges can apply consultation for these quotes on bookings: 

Pension and Gold Card Holders have a discounted price:



        *  Cage Uncovered / covered each day:

        *  Refreshed or top up feed per day

        *  Refreshed Water:

        *  Refreshing and clean inside of enclosure:

        *  Lighting and heater On / Off: (if applicable)

        *  Any Light Glob or heating globes appear to be broken and need changed an additional cost will incur.

        >  1 Day Only x 30 min per booking:

        >  Every 3 Day Only x 30 min working week:

        >  Full Working Week x 30 min:

        >  Extra Pet will incur extra cost:

        >  Extra Daily Drop In Service will incur extra charge:

Pension and Gold Card Holders have discounted prices:



        *  Feeding service is for "Dry Flack or Pellet" type foods for basic goldfish or tropical fish in a basic bowl - medium fish aquarium:

        *  Clean / Water top up:

        *  Filter Checked or Cleaned out:

        *  Glass Clean and Bottom Filters:

Multiple aquariums extra charge quoted with consultation:

Salt Water Tanks and aquariums or more complicated feeding or care may necessitate a fee or revised fee for outside specialist, as you may need Animal House Caretaker Team member to give access to home.

We can discuss this at initial consultation.



A Drop in Service for Horses and Unusual Pets checked at facility where may be boarded on property.

Horse and Unusual Pet stabled in back yard or property.

       *  Feed:

       *  Water Refreshed:

       *  Blanket On / Off:

       *  30 min Injury and Health Check plus Brush:

       *  And Clean stable area (manure picked up and fresh bedding laid):

       >  1 Day Only x 30 min Per Day

       > Saturday and Sundays is quoted as additional costs

       > May need additional 2nd per day drop in, price at consultation:

Extra Charge for exercising horse or unusual pet will be quoted on consultation

Worming / Drenching / Ferrier / Teeth / Chiropractor / Hair-coat and Mane Trimming, can all be implemented and booked and supervised buy our ANIMAL HOUSE CARETAKER TEAM while any of these options are being undertaken by a specialist in the field either an outside specialist or one from Animal House Caretaker Team.


Pension and Gold Card Holders have discounted price:


All arenas of Pet Handling have experienced handlers:

Experienced Horse and Small Farm Animals / Pet used in all aspects of Husbandry:

Husbandry of Small Animals and Farm Animals Certified.

Animal Pet Care Certified.

Please Note:

        Some of these options may need a 2 x house drop in or consultation for quote:

         *  Outside Bird Aviaries:

         *  Outside Dog Runs:

         *  Outside Cat Runs:

         *  Rabbit / Guinea Pigs Enclosures / Chook Runs:

         *  Reptiles (More than one enclosure):

         *  Horse Stables more than one:

         *  Will be quoted on with additional prices:


Please go to Page: Other Options for Terms and conditions of Subjects below :

Animal Aggression and Behavioral Problem:

Animal Safety:

Animal Vaccinations and Health:

Extra Options:



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