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Mobile Dog Washing & Pet Grooming, Holiday & Pet Vacation Care or Drop-in service for Boarding and Pet Day Care for Travelers Eurobodalla Region


 DOG WALKING PRICES $  price upon inquiry Coming Soon

Lights on/off Morn/Nght Curtain Moved Mor/Nght Radio/tv/ on/off Morn/Nght Security Check Morn/Nght Collect Mail 
News Paper each day
Garbage out/in 1x wk Reg Car Engine 5min warm up 15 Indoor plants water 1x wk Outdoor swept path/ balconies/ 1x before holiday return Rake leaves Front /back/ 1x before holiday return
Indoor swept floors/vacuumed1x before holiday return

Indoor Light Dust / freshen up
1x before holiday return Outdoor Light Furniture Dust,
1x before holiday return Grocery $20 time value free,  
1x before holiday return $ price upon enquiry weekly 
Pet feeding/walking extra



BELOW Please Note: options below with prices only with  dog walking / Pet Drop-in service as an extra, Not included on own.
Put out Bring in Garbage 1dayx per  wk $ price upon enquiry Collect Mail News paper  2day x pr wk $ price upon enquiry Security checks inside & out 1day x pr wk $ price upon enquiry Turn lights on/off & open/close/ drapes / radio Tv Morn /Night 2 per day x per wk $ price upon enquiry Watering indoor plants 15 total 2 day x per week $  price upon enquiry consult for more difficult watering
Small Area Lawn Mowing Consult Notify Security company for being away $ price upon enquiry Redirecting Mail At Post Office $ price upon enquiry Small Pool Maintenance Filter Ect Chlorine Ect Regular Car Engine Warm up prevent flat battery $  price upon enquiry 1x weekly extra car $ price upon enquiry
$ price upon enquiry General tidy up of Interior & Exterior eg: widows/clean any surfaces Screen doors/windows/outside furniture ect Light Dust/freshen up/ remove cobwebs/ sweeping out door

price upon enquiry
Organise Trades man while away on holiday for emergencies Price on consult 45 Min Stock Fridge or Cupboard Pack away $  price upon enquiry  + Price of Items Paying of Bills 4 items payed in trip $ price upon enquiry consult for any other extra items

price upon enquiry

Please Note: Only Available Bodalla Area


                                       Please Phone For Inquiries 



DOG WALKING                            1 Day Walk Per Week
HALF HOUR Private Walk       Permanent Weekly Booking Mon- Fri
                                                          (Discounted Price When Included with Vacation Care Booking**)                                                                                                
                                              ** Discounted Price with Vacation Care Booking Per Walk 
                                                                                                              Extra dog Nil Discount
Included: Water Refreshed + Droppings Cleaned in back yard on return trip  
ONE HOUR Private Walk              Mon - Fri: No reduction  for extra  dog
Included: Water Refreshed + Droppings Cleaned in back yard on return trip
Prices Available for Private 1/2 hour and 1 hour Dog Walks on Weekends upon inquiry 
Prices Upon Inquiries 

BASIC 1/2 Hour Drop - In Service for 5 Business week days **M-F

Includes in this service:


  • 1 x 1/2 Hour Drop in for one pet (Monday - Friday):
  • Feed Once a Day:
  • Refresh Water:
  • Bedding Checked for Dampness:
  • Dog Droppings Picked Up or Cat Litter Changed:
  • Groom / TLC / Play / Health Check:
Price: 1st Working Week   **(Non Peek Season)

          2nd Working Week or more Discounted to Per Wk M-F **(Non Peek Season)

Prices Upon Inquiries 

Add For Weekends:

Price: Saturdays & Sundays ** Per Day

Extra Drop-In Per Day:

Price:** Week Days       ** Weekends

Dog Walking Options can be included at price applicable:

 Prices Upon Inquiries 


**One working week Monday - Friday:

as Feed-ups and weekends may vary with each pet in Prices;

**Non Peak Season, with No Public Holidays or Weekends;

**#Please Note: Each client & pet is different:prices may vary with Weekend / Public Holiday Peek Season or more than one pet included:

**More than one consecutive week booking incur discounts in vacation bookings. 

         (This is not applicable to permanent weekly bookings as these dog walking bookings are at a base rate). 


PRICE LIST additional information: special packages available:

 HOUSE CARE  PACKAGE $  price upon inquiry

Please Note:Frequent Walker Group is not Available in Eurobodalla Region

         *  Included in your Dog Walking Booking at no extra cost, is an added time slot of 1/2 hour pick-up time and 1/2 hour drop of time. For both private and group bookings, this time slot is not taken out of your booking time and is at no additional cost. This 1/2 hour pick-up & drop-off time slot allow's AHC Team to pick up all bookings and take them to a suitable location for their booked time, and to be returned home in AHC time. This time slot may vary depending on bookings on the day.

         *   Weekly Roaster are given to all Clientele at the end of each working week for conformation of change of 1/2 time slots for pick -up and drop-of of Dog walking any changes to a clients time can be rung or emailed through to AHC office before the starting or week.

         *  Full Working Week is based on a Monday - Friday. In most cases Saturday and Sundays or Evenings are priced as an additional weekend price listed below. Public Holidays may incur a surcharge. Or quotes for Combined House Care + Pet Care+ Dog walking may include a discounted rate when quoted.

         *   Please Note: Any Third Party eg: Relative coming in for swim, Pool Man Coming for Maintenance or Lawn Mowing Service ect: while you are away on holidays or after Daily Dog Walking of Drop-In Service will not be permitted without prior arrangement, as we have Insurance responsibility protocol to attend with. 







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