"Happy Pets Make Happy Family's"
Mobile Dog Washing & Pet Grooming, Holiday & Pet Vacation Care or Drop-in service for Boarding and Pet Day Care for Travelers Eurobodalla Region



We offer a variety of extra services, to make your time away from your pet as hassle free as possible.

Is your pet fussy?

Does your pet turn their nose up at canned food's?

Do you cook for your pet's meals?

For Pets Caretaking, a clear brief outlining the feeding habits or your pets is required at the time of booking and at consultation.

Owners must ensure adequate food is available to cover the pet sitting period.

Or Animal House's Homemade Pet Meals can be ordered in advance at an additional reasonable price.

Prices Upon Inquiries .

Below is a selection of foods we can provide per meal.


If your Pet needs a special diet, or your pet is on a diet set out by a Veterinarian.

We can work through anything and can be discussed in our initial consultation.

It is alsostrongly advised that any pet that requires medication such as insulin, it is advised to be boarded with your local Veterinarian while you are on holidays as they will be able to monitor them during the day.


Animal House Homemade Pet Meals are a great addition to your pets daily meals, instead of those boring can food or processed foods, these homemade recipes a healthy, nutritional, enjoyable and tasty and will their tummies for the whole day or night and make your pet content.

Animal House Homemade Pet Meals are prepared and cooked at our premises, with love, a detailed all home cooked meals should have with your cherished family pet in mind.

They are then packaged in our mobile canisters ready for distribution to each AHC Teams household for the starting of day or end of daily activities.

Animal House Homemade Pet Meals can also be ordered for your normal daily routine, you don't have to be away, you just would like the service.

Prices For Homemade Pet Meals are added as an Extra Cost:

Small: Pet Breed Meals:        Medium: Pet Breed Meals:          Large: Pet Breed Meals: 

 Prices Upon Inquiries 

Nutritious Dog and Cat Treats:

Fresh Chicken / Beef / Assorted Fresh Meat with Vegetables and Rice / Pasta

Fresh Liver / Giblets / Hearts / or Chicken legs / necks are also used in meals for cats and dogs.

Homemade Treats and Dinners can be supplied Diets and for a quality meal for your pet, while you are on holidays.

Poodle Pasta:                                     Fishy Delights (Diet):

Dog and Cat Mini Cakes:                     Tuna Tit-bits: Mutt-loaf Recipe:                                Liver Magic (Diet):





Akita Style Lamb & Rice:                    Crispy Liver Morsels:   

German Shep Stew:                        Turkey Super Balls (Diet): 

Doggy Ghoulosh:                             Doggie Beef Veggie Pie:

Home  Cooked Doggy Stew:               Tinny Doggie Dinner:  

TREATS / BUISCUTS:                                                   BIRD AVIARY:

Oatmeal Cookie Treat:                     Veggie Bones:                                                 Aviary Lolly Pop:

Doggie Breakfast Bars:                   Vegetarian Dog Biscuits: 

Barley Beef Biscuits                        No Flea Dog Treats:

Bad Breath Banishers:                                               



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