"Happy Pets Make Happy Family's"
Mobile Dog Washing & Pet Grooming, Holiday & Pet Vacation Care or Drop-in service for Boarding and Pet Day Care for Travelers Eurobodalla Region

Holiday Care Maintenence Service:

Holiday Care Service Packages:

Holiday Package Price Prices Upon Inquiries 

Package is based on 7 Day weekly  holiday period:

      *  Lights On / Off Daily (Morning & Night)

      *  Curtains Moved Daily (Morning & Night)

      *  Radio / TV On / Off Daily (Morning & Night)

      *  Security checks, of perimeter inside and out. Daily (Morning & Night)

      *  Collect Mail and Newspapers. Daily

      *  Garbage bins Out / In 1 day per week.

      *  Regular turning over your car engine x 1 day per week for 5mins warm-up.

      *  15 Indoor Plants watered x 1 Day per week or twice if very hot.

      *  Indoors a light Dust of Furnishings and Benches, Sweep floors, Vacuum and freshen up.) Day before return of holiday's)

      *  Outdoors will have swept pathways, leaves raked up. (Day before return of holiday).

      *  Grocery Shop Free Valued at $20-00 (Price of items ordered not included) (Day before return of holiday).

All this in your package while you're away and things at home are safe, watered, cleaned and tidied for your return home.

      >  PLEASE NOTE: Pet Care / Dog Walking Options ect: Will be added as an extra additional pricing they are not included with this package.

Animal House Caretaker Holiday:

Price for small yard cleanup Prices Upon Inquiries 

Basic Small Yard Cleanup Package:

Home Exterior Designated Area:

      *  Mow small grassed area. Front or Back (Not Both). Designated Area only.

      *  Trim the edges of all paths in Designated Area, fences, garden beds or drive way in Designated Area.

      *  Weed garden Beds. Only in Designated Area.

      *  Sweep any paths, outdoor areas or drive ways of leaf and debris, dust and dirt. only in Designated Area.

      *  Clean any surfaces - such as screen doors, windows, outside furniture ect: only in Designated Area.

      >  Pricing on any larger areas out of Designated Area or more items including front yards and back yards, hedging, lower branch tree trim ect for smaller bushes and lower trees. to be quoted on consultation.


      >  Prices for any extra below can be added at costs listed or a combination of things can be tailored to suit other options.

      >  With your free consultation any items not listed can be placed as an option and priced separately.

      >  Extra options available for tailor made packages below not including pets packages.

      >  Prices listed individually below are one price.

      >  Packages included most options below consultation will be needed for pricing.

Seek a consultation.

Options To Include In Your Package:

      1)  Put out and bring in Garden Bins on specified days.

          1 day x per weeks

      2)  Collect mail and newspaper cancellations.

           2 day x per week.

      3)  Security Checks of perimeter inside and out.

           1 day x per week.

      4)  Turn Lights On/Off and open / close drapery, Radio / TV (Morning / Night).

            2 day x per week.

      5)  Watering indoors, plants provided up to 15 indoor plants.

            2 day x per week.

           More days than this or a complicated watering schedule, may necessitate a fee or revised fee. We can discuss this at initial consultation.

      6)  Some lawn mowing, some garden maintenance. 

      7)  Notify your security company that you will be away & to treat all alarm activation as genuine and to act upon.

      8)  Redirecting mail, paying bills.

      9)  Small amount of weekly pool maintenance.

    10)  Light dust, freshen up, removing cub webs & sweeping, general tidy up of interior and exterior eg: some windows washed before your arrival back from holidays. Clean any surfaces - such as screen doors, windows, outside furniture ect.

     11)  Regular turning on of your car engine prevents battery going flat.

             1 day x per week   plus Checking on any of your vehicles left on property/ street.

     12)  Organise any tradesman for you if needed. 

     13)  We can also stock your fridge with fresh fruit juice, milk and bread ect for your return home - 'Item costs only' + small additionally charged per 45min shop + return + place in fridge and cupboards will be added to your account.

 Prices Upon Inquiries 


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