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Mobile Dog Washing & Pet Grooming, Holiday & Pet Vacation Care or Drop-in service for Boarding and Pet Day Care for Travelers Eurobodalla Region

FAQ Our Answer to your Questions:

Q: How many dogs our team takes out on each walk?

    >  Each AHC team member will walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time in a group situation. This allows the dog walker to supervise the group and give each dog indivdual attention.

     > We also take out Private singular dog walks when booked.

     >  If there is more than one dog in the family, they can be walked in their own family group setting.

Q: Questions like this are sometimes asked, some of the questionable things people have observed include, businesses or individuals advertising that they walk "Smaller Groups" of 2 -5 dogs, then filling up a van with 10 or even 12 animals?

     >  However you may see more than one pet in the pickup van. Not all pets may be going to the same team group awaiting delivery of their charges for the day at the beach or park. There could be more than one location for playtime. Or some pets could be travelling home in the same Van while picking up playtime walkers depending on time pick - up and booked.

Q: Do we get our full time allocated with our booking even when our pet is getting picked up and dropped off?

     >  All pets are picked up and delivered back home in our time not yours, so you are certain you are getting your full booked time.

Q: All Goverment charges are inclusive in prices quoted?

     >  Yes all Goverment charges are included into prices listed and quoted.

Q: Do you take the dogs walking if it's raining?

     >  Yes they love it! Every thing looks and smells different in the rain. If required we will dry off at the end of the walk, long haired dogs are never left with their undercoat soaked,  also their is some great raincoats available for family dogs.

Q: What do I leave out?

     >  Leave a leash for your dog and a dog towel for us to take or leave it our in yard for our return trip just incase it rain's or you Dog may have a swim on their outing.

     >  Along with your money (Cash or cheque) on payment days.

     >  We will clean and refresh water bowl on return as well as pick up any droppings and Brush your dog.

Q: What if there is an emergensy while I'm away?

     >  We take details of where we can contact you or who we should contact in case of any emergency. We will also take the details of your pet's Vet in case a Vet's service is needed, forms of Term and Conditions / Vet / Boparding / Emergency payment /  will be filled out and signed upon quote and time of application and consultation.

Q: Can you veiw a police security checks. An oficial document is issued by the police for the person in question before letting anyone near your home while you are away?.

     >  This document can be obtained for viewing on enquiry.

Q: CWhen do we visit your home and Pet's?

     >  With your consultation we will work out a schedule with you. Pet's are visited daily at a set time so they become aware of the regularity of our visits. Either morning or afternoon (or both if more than one feed time per day is booked).

Q: What about my privacy, confidentiality and legal issues?

     >  We have a contract wich covers insurance, security, veterinary and access matters relateding to your needs and your property. We interview you and the documents we create together is signed at "Greet & Meet" interview time.

     >  We DO NOT disclose the nature of our work to anyone outside of the business.

Q: What is not included in costs?

     >  Your pets food is an individual item.

     >  Cats Litter products.

     >  Shampooing and grooming products.

     >  Grooming Salon appointments.

     >  Any phone calls / Text message requested for updates are charged at cost.

     >  We can assist you by puchasing any additional items whilst you are away and adding the cost to your account balance.

     > Human foods for your return home.


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